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Discover How Becoming a Deaf-Friendly Workplace Can Elevate Your Business

In today's complex business landscape, optimizing for diversity is not just an ethical imperative; it’s a strategic necessity. While many organizations make strides in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), there's often a critical oversight: the inclusion of Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees. 

It’s time to evolve. Legal repercussions loom for companies that neglect this aspect of inclusivity, but the objective here is far grander: to create an environment where everyone—Hearing and Deaf alike—can excel.

Many people in the workforce feel unprepared in working with deaf and hard of hearing employees.


And it's not because they don't know sign language. 

The gap stems from a lack of comprehensive understanding about integrating Deaf and Hard of Hearing professionals into your workforce.

It’s a vicious cycle…and it ENDS the moment you get clarity and training from deaf and hard of hearing experts.

Imagine If You Could

Confidentially communicate with your deaf and hard of hearing employees so everyone is understood. 

Meet the needs of your deaf and hard of hearing employees so they can do their jobs well. 

Create a sense of belonging when you take action on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility.

Our Transformational Impact: What You Will Achieve

  • Discover insights into the issues facing Deaf and hard of hearing employees.
  • Identify areas in your workplace that need improvement.
  • Learn practical everyday strategies for effective communication between Deaf and hearing employees. 
  • Learn basic American Sign Language to assist in communication.
  • Uncover small mistakes that make communication with deaf and hard of hearing employees more difficult and what to do instead.
  • Break down the attitudinal barriers that exist in the workplace towards Deaf and hard of hearing people.

The Expert Behind the Transformation: Meet Vicki Moseley

With over three decades of pioneering work in corporate inclusion, Vicki Moseley has empowered companies to develop nurturing environments for Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees. A former career counselor at Gallaudet University, Vicki leverages her vast experience to offer customized training tailored to your organization's specific needs.

As our lead workplace trainer, Vicki shows businesses why understanding and investing in the deaf employee, is a win-win.

Vicki also brings a wealth of counseling experience with her: She was a career counselor at Gallaudet University and also counseled Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and the Interpreter Training Program students at Seattle Central Community college for 25 years.

Her academic credentials include an MA in School Counseling from Gallaudet University and a BA in Sociology from Stephen F. Austin State University.

How You Can Work With Us 

Why Partner With Us

We're Authentic

Our training is facilitated by seasoned Deaf and Hard of Hearing professionals with years of experience in the workforce.

We're Engaging

Our dynamic delivery ensures an interactive, enlightening, and enjoyable learning experience.

We're Accessible 

Our resources are universally designed, offering English, American Sign Language, captions, and transcripts upon request.

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