Deliver Excellent Customer Service to Your Deaf Guests 

Never feel awkward or uneasy again with the tools to serve them well, every time. 


Most people in the service industry GENUINELY do want to include everyone - they just don't know how! 


Do You Feel AWKWARD?

Do You Feel UNSURE? 

Most customer service pros, even those at the top of their game

(like MBA hospitality grads and luxury resort managers),

feel unprepared for interactions with deaf customers.

And it's not because they don't know sign language

There's a widespread lack of knowledge on how to serve deaf and hard of hearing guests, throughout many hotels, even the ones that are famous for customer service!

It’s a vicious cycle…and it ENDS the moment you get clarity and training from deaf and hard of hearing experts.

Imagine if you could...

Confidentially communicate so you can serve anyone at any time. 

Meet the needs of your guests and boost your online reviews.

Think on your feet and gain more loyal guests. 


A graphic with white and abstract blue patterns as a background, with different screen devices such as a personal computer, cell phone, laptop, and tablet are displayed.  Inside them are various views of the Deaf-Friendly Sign Language Hotel courses. The sign

In less than 60 minutes, you can up your customer service game by learning what real deaf and hard of hearing guests want you to know.

Whether you work in a hotel, motel or inn this course is for a wide-range of forward-facing people who work with guests. 

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Meet the Trainer: Guthrie Nutter


Guthrie, an alumnus of Gallaudet University, holds a Master's Degree in Sign Language Education and has been working in the American Sign Language industry since 2007. He is an accomplished ASL video producer, having created the Deaf Culture Webisode series and Bridging The Divide: First Language Acquisition, among others.

Throughout his career, Guthrie has served as a community educator, a high school teacher, and an ASL specialist, providing language support to children aged 0-21 throughout the state of Washington. He is currently employed at the Planning Office under the Office of the President at Gallaudet University.

Aside from his professional pursuits, Guthrie is a passionate traveler who has explored nine countries and 40 states. He has also completed the Pacific Crest Trail on foot, trekking from Mexico to Canada. Guthrie values deaf-friendly hospitality services wherever he travels.

Here is the course breakdown...

Deaf people, who are they?

Why deaf guests can boost your business.

5 easy ways to create a deaf-friendly hotel.

How to communicate with deaf people effectively.

Your deaf-friendly commitment.

Plus you get this BONUS


American Sign Language (ASL) video demonstration taught by a Deaf ASL Teacher of the most commonly used signs and phrases within the hotel industry. 

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Here's Why You'll Love Us

We're Authentic

Our course is taught by a real-life Deaf Instructor with years of experience navigating the hotel experience.

We're Engaging

Long enough to cover what you need to know and short enough to keep you engaged.

We're Accessible 

We take access seriously. Our course is presented in English and American Sign Language, with voice-overs, captions and a transcript upon request.  

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We know you’ll love this course as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, well refund your course within 30 days of purchase and issue you a full refund.


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What are you waiting for?


Sign up today, and uncover the skills that have helped thousands of customer service professionals confidently interact with deaf and hard of hearing guests - and add massive VALUE to their place of business. 



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