Deliver Excellent Service to

Your Deaf Customers

Never feel awkward or uneasy again with basic tools to understand your deaf and hard of hearing clientele. 

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You’ve dealt with hundreds of customer types, from juice flinging toddlers to caravans of tourists.

But do you freeze up when you meet a deaf person?


Most customer service pros, even those at the top of their game (like MBA hospitality grads and luxury resort managers) feel unprepared for interactions with deaf customers.

And it's not because they don't know sign language.

There's a widespread lack of knowledge throughout many businesses, including large corporations -- even the ones that are famous for customer service about how to serve the deaf community! And it's a BIG community of 48 million Americans.

It’s a vicious cycle…and it ENDS the moment you get clarity and training from deaf and hard of hearing experts.

Most people in the service industry GENUINELY do want to include everyone - they just don’t know how! But you can learn...


Deaf-Friendly BASICS 


In less than 60 minutes, you can up your customer service game by learning what real deaf and hard of hearing customers want you to know.


After you take this BASICS course you will... 

DISCOVER insight into the issues facing deaf and hard of hearing customers.

UNCOVER the small mistakes that make communication with deaf and hard of hearing customers more difficult and what to do instead. 

UNDERSTAND deaf and hard of hearing people, their culture, identity and values. 

LEARN basic American Sign Language vocabulary to assist you in communication.

INCREASE the amount of loyal deaf and hard of hearing customers by applying our 10 deaf-friendly tips!


After training, here’s a few examples of what our clients did:

A major hotel, Marriott Downtown Phoenix hosted the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) conference with over 2,500 deaf guests. NAD was so impressed with the care and positive experience they had that they now REQUIRE all host hotels to take our training!

A busy cafe, Rachel's Ginger Beer in a neighborhood with a large deaf community invested in training to make sure their staff is always ready to serve deaf and hard of hearing customers. They are now a neighborhood favorite!

A premier musical theatre, ACT, got its space and staff ready for a production with a deaf lead actor. Not only that, their front of house was fully ready to serve hundreds of deaf and hard of hearing patrons!

KEXP Radio Station became more accessible to +200,000 fans (yes, deaf folks like music!)



As a deaf consumer with over 35 years navigating the hearing world, every encounter gives me a glimpse into how customer service experiences are accessible to me, and how they are not. 

I have provided training and consulting to thousands of people in business, from small startups to Fortune 500’s striving to become more inclusive to the 48 million deaf and hard of hearing Americans in their community.


For 8 years, I’ve been operating a review platform with thousands of consumer reviews written by deaf and hard of hearing customers from all over the U.S. which means I have A LOT of data about the deaf and hard of hearing experience in different environments.


For example:   


“The gym cardio equipment had built in captions on their TV’s! I would give this hotel a 5-star if their staff knew sign language and they improved on their response time for responding to texts.”


“When I approached the clerk, and signed that I needed paper and pen he looked at me like I was an alien from another planet. I just wanted to order a sandwich. He ended up passing me on to two different employees before anyone would help.”


“A few different staff used sign language to tell me where I could find what I needed. This was so helpful!”

Join me on my mission to create a deaf-friendly world for 466 million deaf and hard of hearing people around the globe.

You can make a difference with knowledge that’s based on thousands of real-life deaf experiences, taught by real experts on how to serve and communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people effectively.


Six Easy & Important Lessons

Deaf People,
Who Are They?

How Do Deaf People Communicate

Deaf Culture Myths

Deaf People as Consumers

Deaf-Friendly Tips to Communicate

Basic American Sign Language 

This is training content that helped our clients like:
Marriott Hotels, Phoenix Convention Center, Hyatt Regency, KEXP Radio, 5th Avenue Theatre, Hilton Hotels, Provenance Hotels, Molly Moon’s Ice-Cream, Finnriver Cidery, Rachel's Ginger Beer and more, become more inclusive to their deaf and hard of hearing customers.

Take action to make buzzwords like diversity, equity and inclusion a reality in your business.

For a limited time, get access to this 6-lesson course to jumpstart your learning about this unique demographic of 48 million Americans.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up today, and uncover the skills that have helped thousands of customer service professionals confidently interact with deaf and hard of hearing customers — and add massive VALUE to their place of business.




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A great ASL greeting does just that.

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